CREA’s 2nd Disability, Sexuality, and Rights Online Institute

East Africa

6th May – 24th May, 2024

CREA’s Disability, Sexuality, and Rights Online Institute (DSROI) East Africa is a three weeks long online course that provides a study of theory and practice at the intersection of disability, gender and sexuality with a focus on perspectives from within East Africa. The Institute is led by activists, community organizers and academics with disabilities. The course is offered through an accessible online learning platform. The course is completely online and offers 6 thematic sessions (3 hours per session).

Who the Institute is for:
Approx. 30 participants will be selected based on demonstrated interest in disability and sexuality, and applicability to their work. Preference will be given to participants who work as activists and community organizers and are connected to broader rights movements addressing sexual rights, disability and feminism; practitioners working on access to justice, sexual and reproductive health rights, gender-based violence; and donors or philanthropists with demonstrated commitment to supporting human rights. We strongly encourage persons with disabilities to apply!

Institute schedule:
A tentative schedule for the institute is available here. This is subject to change in the coming weeks.

Deadline to apply:
Applications are due by 16th April 2024.

Use of the online application form on this page is preferred. If you prefer, you can complete this form manually and email it to Click here to download the form in DOCX format. If you require accessibility accommodations in completing the application, please let us know at We also accept applications sent by video or through Zoom in Sign Language. Attach a copy of your latest résumé or CV. All questions must be answered — your résumé or CV cannot substitute for an answer.



Notice regarding personal information:
By submitting this form you give CREA your consent to record your personal information in our online database. This information will only be used for the purpose of selection and, if you are selected, to create your account on this online platform. CREA will not share your information to any third party without your consent. Once the selection process and the 2024 institute is over, you may request erasure of your personal information from our databases. Please send us this request via email to

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