Consent Form for DSROI EA 2024

CREA seeks consent regarding the recording and use of photos/video/audio for potential communications, art, illustrations, fundraising, or any other purpose. CREA includes photos of its Institutes on its website, Annual Report, and other forms of communication. All participants and faculty members will be notified before a photograph is taken during the course of DSROI, and will have the option of switching off video. CREA may also use short video snippets from DSROI for communication purposes.

Please respond to the form below:


If you choose to not consent to either/both option/s stated above, CREA gives you a full assurance that your image will not be featured in any of its captured material. However, please note that all DSROI modules will be recorded for archival purposes.

We also kindly ask all participants to avoid taking photos/screenshots/recordings of ongoing lectures in order to respect and protect the privacy of other participants and faculty members.

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